StaffCounter is a fully automated time-tracking system, which allows you to keep careful watch over the computers of your employees.

Our detailed reports will identify employees who are often late, spend a lot of time on entertainment or social-networking sites, or who take long smoke breaks.

Just follow these three steps to try it out for free:

  • 1Register (it’s free)
  • 2Install the StaffCounter agent on a computer or smartphone
  • 3View reports, screenshots and graphics online

Try it for free(For two employees for 3 month)

Fully automated tracking
StaffCounter doesn’t require your employees to report how much time they’ve spent at work today.
Analysis of employee activityStaffCounter shows how much time employees have spent working with applications and websites, the names of the documents they use most, and their Skype contacts.
Employee disciplineAutomatic supervision of employee punctuality and time spent away from the computer, as well as automatic totalling of overtime.
Set productivity guidelinesDefine productive and non-productive time by dividing applications and websites into different categories.
ScreenshotsSee what’s on employees’ screens and take webcam snapshots of employees

List of programs and websites
View all of the programs and websites that employees use, as well as the time they spend on them.

StaffCounter’s unique features

Limit Skype useSee whether Skype is being used for personal needs
Track keyboard inputAnd better evaluate employee productivity
Monitor company phones:Calls, text messages, and employees’ movements around the city
Receive automatic notifications when rules are violated:Frees supervisors from constantly reading employee reports

StaffCounter is based on popular KidLogger parental control technology, which has helped parents worldwide for over three yearsalready to follow their children’s activities in cyberspace. The KidLogger platform monitors over 10,000 computers and smartphones and analyzes users’ actions.

StaffCounter is available for computers and smartphones
running Windows, Mac OS, and Android (Linux support coming soon)

According to experts, the company environment suffers most from employees with nothing to do in the workplace. Identify these people and give them more to do…